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The 14th Festival of Science in Krakow under the motto “SCIENCE THROUGH THE AGES”

The Festival of Science in Krakow will take place from 21 to 24 May,2014. For the fourth time the main Coordinator of the Festival is University of Agriculture in Krakow. This year’s motto of the festival refers to the Jubilee of the 650th anniversary of Jagiellonian University’s foundation.


Owing to its thirteen-year tradition, the Festival of Science became one of the best recognized and prestigious events  popularizing science, organized in the very heart of old Krakow – on the Main Square  and on the premises of its co-organizers.

In 2013 the programme of Festival of Science comprised about 1000 events, including 20 hours of stage performances, while its website was visited by about 2500 people every day. The information and advertising materials were circulated in  over 130 thousand copies.

This year the Festival will start with a “Run after Science” on 21 May, 2014 on Błonia Common Green in Krakow. The participants will be representatives of primary, lower secondary and secondary schools, and students of Krakow universities. Inaugural concert prepared by students of the Academy of Music in Krakow and a performance closing the festival, staged by the students of  The Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow will be as usual a part of this year’s Festival.

The centre of events will be Science Carnival, traditionally taking place on the Main Square in Krakow and in Collegium Medicum , Jagiellonian University at 12 St. Anna Street.

For three days, i.e. from Thursday (22 May) until Saturday (24 May), from 11.00  to 18.00 (NOTE! On Saturday only until 17.00) Krakow Main Square will become a “campground of science”. The guests will have unique opportunity to talk to the researchers, students and other persons involved in the Festival organization. Bolder spectators will be able to conduct simple experiments or measurements. Like each year, also accompanying attractions, such as  visiting scientific units or participating in specially prepared lectures and workshops, etc. will be a part of the Festival.

For the first time, we plan to develop an interactive map of the Festival events location  to help the interested persons to find the presentations best corresponding with their individual interests and held at the most convenient time.

With reference to the Festival motto, University of Agriculture in Krakow intends to organize a competition for a short (maximum 3.5 minute) film presenting an important scientific discovery in Krakow, made between the 14th and 21st century.

The first Festival of Science was organized by Jagiellonian University to celebrate the  Jubillee of the 600the Anniversary of the University’s establishment. The next main organizer of the Festival was AGH University of Science and Technology (2005-2007), followed by Cracow University of Technology (2008-2010). Since 2011 the main coordinator has been University of Agriculture in Krakow.